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Photo review|2015.09.01.

照片评论美女 / 吉他手




水平: 高级


Android: Cartoon Camera




水平: 简单

在此不正常的文章里,我们将尝试以照明过滤器把普通的圣诞树成为最精彩的圣诞树 - 一般的来讲,我们因为自己的审美感而会避免挂上这么多装饰,但这次却要这么做。


水平: 高级

日晒床 ,只需按一下吧。


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PS Tutorials|2013.06.23.


level: 简单

图片看起来有点歪了,别担心,我们用一个简单的办法就可以修好。 - Free Photoshop Tutorials for Digital Photographers

The aim of this web site is to help amateur digital photographers — beginners or experts — in the perplexing world of computerized image editing and enhancement. We wish to focus primarily on Adobe Photoshop, presumably the most well-known image manipulation program, and to provide practical advice on how you can enhance your photos. We do not strive to give a comprehensive introduction of this application or describe its miscellaneous graphical features, but to keep to digital photography, being accessible to more and more people these days. We plan to update the site continuously, so you might want to visit us regularly for new ideas. Please note that the descriptions and pictures published on the site may not be copied or used without the explicit permission of the site owner. Parts of the descriptions may be used solely for non-profit purposes, and only with indication of the source.

Warning: Descriptions on the site are based on Photoshop v7.0 but most of them can be applied — with certain limitations — on v4.0 and above.




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